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From: James Kass (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2006 - 16:32:37 CST

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    Olaf D. wrote,

    > Seems my guess about .notdef wasn't necessarily a good one. Keeping on
    > guessing....

    A user of FontForge reported the following error message generated
    when opening the Code2001 font with FontForge last March:

         Glyph 2943 is called ".notdef", a singularly inept choice
         of name (only glyph 0 may be called .notdef) FontForge
         will rename it.

    So, you are not the only person guessing here. As far as I can tell,
    FontForge is/was completely off-base on this one. However, I can
    be mistaken, too!

    > ... I wonder whether having more than 32767 entries in the 'post' table
    > might be an issue ("Index numbers 32768 through 65535 are reserved for
    > future use."). Maybe it's worth trying the format 3 flavor of the 'post'
    > table and omitting the names altogether?

    I don't have access to Mac or Linux work stations and really depend on
    feedback from users. I'm hoping that somebody from Apple will comment
    on FontBook's rejection of my fonts (as well as plenty of other fonts which
    seem to be well-formed) either publically or privately.

    If there's problems with my fonts, I can fix them. But I need to know
    what the problems are. Yes, I can generate fonts in the format which
    omits the post script names. But, I'd rather just correct my mistakes,
    if any.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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