FW: Unicode porting for C++ source on UNIX station.

From: Chen, John (John.Chen@aig.com)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2006 - 08:40:00 CST

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    Hi Every Unicode Expert,

    I am new in conducting Unicode conversion, and with following questions need
    Here is my environment:
        SunOS 5.8 (Solaris)
        Sun Forte 6 Update 2 C++ compiler;
        RogueWave 9 Update 1;
        Sybase 12.5. Table fields are set to univarchar.
    In my existing C++ source code, string class has been used allover the
    I need porting the project to using Unicode 5.0.

    So, I need advice for the following issues:
            1. Is RogueWave 9 Update 1 is the right version who support to
    read Sybase table field (univarchar). My previous version could not read
            2. Is string class support Unicode? If not, what other class
    can be instead, RWCString?
            3. Any testing tool can be used to check entire source code for
                    problem such as character array floating, big endian and
    etc.. things.

            4. Do I need to set system/environment char set to be able to
    view the
                    Print out of Unicode.

    Above is what it comes to my mind so far, it may come out more questions.
    Please let me know your expertise solution for C++ Unicode conversion.

    Thanks in advance.


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