six-points as a new character ? esoteric symbolism

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Date: Tue Nov 14 2006 - 08:35:22 CST

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    Dear Specialists in the Unicode,

    That is said in the Unicode website : "Experience has shown that it is
    often helpful to discuss preliminary proposals before submitting a
    detailed proposal."

    So, I have a question : has someone heard about the inclusion of the
    six-points used by martinists as a new character in the Unicode
    Standard ?

    If possible, that would be similar to a character THEREFORE (U+2234) -
    which in fact is too the masonic three-dots (the Martinists are often
    Free-Masons) - "on" the character BECAUSE (U + 2235).

    The six-points forms a regular hexagon that today the martinists are
    making with an image inserted in their documents, which is long and
    constraining. Any martinists used solutions of replacement : for

    SI (without any points)
    or S::: I::: (with six points but without hexagon)
    or S.::. I.::. (the same)

    This symbol probably dates from the beginning of the XVIII-th century.
    One finds it written in many books.

    About martinism :

    Excuse me, please, for all the solecisms and barbarisms I have
    committed here. I'm French and not at all fluent in English. Neither a
    martinist, to say the truth, but interested as a linguist by this
    character !


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