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Date: Wed Nov 15 2006 - 17:35:01 CST

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    Werner Lemberg responded to Adam Twardoch,

    >> > Well, just think of converting a TTF to a Type 42 PS font. To make
    >> > that really work you need unique glyph names.
    >> Oh, how does the poor PostScript printer driver manage with fonts
    >> that have the post version 3 table (i.e. no glyph names at all),
    >> just like all the new Microsoft fonts such as Calibri, Cambria or
    >> Consolas?
    >The poor printer driver has to generate glyph names on the fly, of
    >course However, we weren't talking about missing PS names but multiple
    >glyphs which have the same glyph name.

    And not just any multiple glyphs, but unprintable ones! Anyway,
    it took me about 10 minutes to programmatically assign arbitrary
    non-duplicate names for all of the component glyphs here. That
    was easy. But, I have to tweak my own program now in order
    to get the first three glyphs re-named. It's a long story, but
    post table format three is starting to look better and better.

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