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Date: Fri Nov 24 2006 - 02:02:43 CST

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    António Martins-Tuválkin <tuvalkin at gmail dot com> wrote:

    >> The problem comes when advocates insist that the new characters be
    >> encoded before they have achieved that status,
    > But is that happening? I have a vague recollection that in about 2003
    > this list was asked about the "(cc)" symbol (which is not the symbol
    > for any of the Creative Commons licenses but indeed a logo) by someone
    > involved with Creative Commons, but IIRC his attitude was not
    > insistent at all.

    The thread you are recalling (in early 2004) was about the "(cc)"
    symbol, but there was an earlier thread in June 2000 on the "copyleft"
    symbol (ɔ⃝) and there was some discussion to the effect that it should
    be encoded because (a) it represented the wave of the future and (b) it
    was already available on T-shirts and hats. The attitude may not have
    been insistent, but it was certainly evangelical.

    >> because they are "about to" be widely used or represent some new and
    >> better world order that UTC is suppressing or denying by not encoding
    >> them.
    > Is this something that happened in the real world, or is your
    > prejudice showing? ;-) (Yes, we've seen such accusations in this
    > list, but usually comming from areas more naive than open source
    > activists are supposed to be…)

    I have seen requests to encode these logo-like characters accompanied by
    general statements that open-source is great, proprietary software is
    evil, and Microsoft is the Borg. It's hard for me to disengage the
    character requests from the agenda in such cases. I recognize that your
    requests don't exhibit this sort of agenda.

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    money by selling it.

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