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Date: Tue Dec 19 2006 - 02:02:52 CST

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    > I know this is overlapping into Web site development but I
    > have yet to find a good forum for this discussion, until now
    > of course. ;o) Thank you once again for all your help.

    You could also try


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    > First of all, thank you Ken, Addison, and Doug for the
    > helpful push toward Unicode. I have a question for you Ken
    > (and others if you wish).
    > You said:
    > >Note that not having appropriate
    > >fonts to display unusual languages with strange scripts is a problem
    > >*whether or not* you encode the translated material in Unicode.
    > I assume you mean that this is a user/translator/browser
    > issue which we can do nothing about and which I don't think
    > will be a serious problem since the translators will
    > presumably have the ability to read, write and view pages in
    > their source language and target language and the users
    > (potential clients browsing for a translator) will 1) be able
    > to read the pages in their own language and 2) if their
    > computer is not set up to display the language then they most
    > likely cannot read the language and therefore it makes not difference.
    > I also assume that if the user's machine does not have the
    > correct fonts they will receive a notification of this and be
    > asked to install the font from the CD?
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