Sinhala numerals

From: William J Poser (
Date: Mon Jan 01 2007 - 18:49:57 CST

I have a copy of Ifrah right here, though the German
version "Universalgeschichte der zahlen". He dicusses the
Sinhala numerals at pp. 397-398 and gives a chart at the
top of p.398. He lays them out as if there were 36, with
full sets of hundreds and thousands, but the latter are
actually compounds and the actual set of characters is
as in the Unicode proposal. He cites Renou/Filliozat 1953
but also A.P. Pihan (1860) Expose des signes de numeration usites
chez les peuples orientaux anciens et modernes. Paris. pp. 138-141,
which I'm afraid I do not have.


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