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Date: Mon Jan 01 2007 - 19:25:14 CST

At 19:49 -0500 2007-01-01, William J Poser wrote:
>I have a copy of Ifrah right here, though the German version
>"Universalgeschichte der zahlen". He dicusses the Sinhala numerals
>at pp. 397-398 and gives a chart at the top of p.398.

In my English edition they are on page 735-36

>He lays them out as if there were 36, with full sets of hundreds and
>thousands, but the latter are actually compounds and the actual set
>of characters is as in the Unicode proposal.

My edition doesn't have such an illustration. It gives the numbers
1-9 from three different sources.

>He cites Renou/Filliozat 1953 but also A.P. Pihan (1860) Expose des
>signes de numeration usites chez les peuples orientaux anciens et
>modernes. Paris. pp. 138-141, which I'm afraid I do not have.

All of those are available at ABE for about $400 each!

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