Re: Error in Master Person Inventory

Date: Thu Jan 04 2007 - 09:30:29 CST

Yes It looks like empty master person inventory entries.
These slip in because the cellar controls and input tools are not very
good. It is a recurring problem. I will see if there is a method I could
run every time an onion is made to clear out any of these.


Any suggestions on the best way of clearing out empty Master person
inventory entries automatically?


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Happy New Year! I trust that this finds you blessed.

Our transformation process discovered an error (at least I think it is) in
EINV_Master Person Inventory.xml. In particular, the following Person seems
to be incomplete:

      <Person id="KRZZook 650 September-17-98 14:43:19">
      <Str type="String" enc="ASC_1"></Str>

I decided to search for other such Person elements and also found the

      <Person id="krz9.27a 829 November-1-95 17:17:25">
      <Str type="String" enc="ASC_1"></Str>

For now, I'll comment these out of my EINV_Master Person Inventory.xml
file. You may want to fix these in the CELLAR kb.

- Larry Waswick


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