Re: Error in Master Person Inventory

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2007 - 14:15:24 CST

Philippe is correct:

> once a message is sent, it generally can't be canceled, because
> email forwarding is really too fast

Messages are queued on the server within seconds, and by the time 3
minutes have elapsed, most of the queue has already been delivered
off-site. The only way to get rid of whatever stragglers are in the queue
is to call me on the phone within seconds of sending your message, and
having me shut down sendmail and flush immediately. Usually, this is a
losing proposition because no matter how fast we are, hundreds of copies of
the message have already been delivered.

However, on the positive side, seriously mistaken messages (confidential
info, viruses, hate-mail, etc) can be removed from the archives when


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