Re: Error in Master Person Inventory

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2007 - 13:35:19 CST

The list manager is too fast! If you have already received a copy of your message from the list, there are nearly 100% chance that almost all subscribers have received a copy too, unless their SMTP server is not responsive enough and the message is queued for later attempts.

When I send a message to the list, the list sends me back a copy, and I get this copy inmy mailbox within the next minute.

May be the list manager may send back the copy to you immediately, but could wait for about 5 to 10 minutes more before spreading the message to other regular subscribers (and it could wait longer for subscribers that want it, such as the emails of other lists or online archives), if we want to be able to send a cancel message.

When the list manager sends a copy of the message to the same address as the sender, this copy should contain a link that the sender can activate by a simple click to immediately perform a cancel request. For some authorized users, the link could be a suspend request, allowing a message to be reviewed by them: they would receive the message early, and if there are enough suspension requests, the message could be canceled before it reaches all users (some authorized users with more privileges on this list could also get an early message with the cancel link, and this can complement the work performed by the antispam filter).

These are just a few ideas. But anyway, the general idea of subscribed mailing lists is that once a message is sent, it generally can't be canceled, because email forwarding is really too fast (unless the mailing list server is extremely busy and its outgoing bandwidth is limited, in which case the messages are queued and can be prioritized)!

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> Apologies to all for the inadvertent message. The address got
> on the cc line by mistake. Please let me know if there is a way unsend a
> message immediately after it is sent so it goes not go to the whole list.
> Kent Spielmann

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