RE: Word 2007 embedded font

From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2007 - 18:34:36 CST

Raymond writes:

In the new Word 2007, when fonts are embedded, the list of fonts in
fontTable.xml includes a fontkey for each embedded font. Besides, when the
Word document, with the extension .docx, is unzipped, it includes also the
embedded font with the extension .odttf, which is copied to the hard disk.
Having examined this in a byte editor it is obvious to me that the fontKey
can be applied to this .odttf file to convert it to a normal .ttf font file.
Now, I just want to know how exactly this key operates on the first 32 bytes
of the .odttf file. Would someone from Microsoft please tell me?
Regards, Raymond Mercier

If you go to, you can download ECMA-376.pdf, which is a large file documenting Microsoft Office's Open XML formats. The XML pertinent to font embedding is in Section 2.8 (Fonts) of the WordprocessingML Reference Material. This section starts on p. 1519 of the ECMA-376.pdf file. Section 2.8.1 (Font Embedding) should be particularly relevant.


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