Re: Public Review Issue Update: #100, "Giving U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT the ID_Continue Property"

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2007 - 03:00:40 CST

Hello Doug Ewell,

you have written:
> If you can
> see the three instances of U+0358 in the text below (copied from Min Nan
> Wikipedia with the middle dots "fixed") without taking special steps,
> such as changing fonts or editors, you're ahead of me:

So, I am apparently ahead of you, cf. attached screenshot.

I have not changed anythyng from my normal e-mail setup:
- OS: MS Windows XP Professional, Version 5.1 + SP 2
- E-mail client: Mozilla Thunderbird Version (20061207)
- Font: Lucida Console, Version 1.60

Apparently, Unicode support is gaining, in off-the-shelf software :-)

   Otto Stolz


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