RE: Proposing UTF-21/24

From: Michael Maxwell (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2007 - 16:05:12 CST

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    Ruszlan Gaszanov wrote:
    > Frankly, any long-term storage and interchange that doesn't use a
    > general purpose compression scheme is wasteful

    I'm just trying to understand the point here, not weigh in on either side.

    Aren't long-term storage and interchange two entirely separate issues, with the potential for very different solutions? You want an interchange method to be useable by disparate programs because, well, it's for interchange. But who knows what storage or compression mechanism one of those programs might use internally.

    (Archival storage is different, archival storage is--I think--more of an interchange question: you want some program in the future, maybe one not yet written, to be able to interpret what you've archived. But the size dedicated to archival storage is not so much an issue, because not that much data is worthy of archival storage.)

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