Re: ZWJ, ZWNJ and VS in Latin and other Greek-derived scripts

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2007 - 16:42:30 CST

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    On Jan 25, 2007, at 2:13 PM, Ruszlan Gaszanov wrote:

    > Or, let's take all those spacing/combining subscript/superscript
    > forms and so-called "mathematical alphabets" - couldn't the same
    > thing have been accomplished by specific VS? No, UTC can't afford to
    > "garbage" codespace with useful characters like "Apple" and
    > "Windows" logos (which are not just trademarks, but also important
    > references to keyboard keys and GUI elements), but it has no problem
    > with allocating a wagonload of codepoints for things that can be
    > easily done by existing mechanisms.


    I should point out also that corporate logos are copyrighted artwork
    and there are legal restrictions on their use. Apple, for example,
    discourages the presence of the Apple logo in fonts other than our own
    and the use of the logo except in Apple-produced products.

    > Then there are ligatures.

    I assume you know that ZWJ and ZWNJ are already defined as having the
    use such as you describe. I assume you therefore also know that the
    ligatures which are in Unicode right now are there mostly for round-
    trip compatibility. (And I should also point out that using ZWJ and
    ZWNJ to control ligation gives typographers the heebie-jeebies.)

    John H. Jenkins

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