Re: writing Chinese dialects

Date: Fri Jan 26 2007 - 00:16:09 CST

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    > John H. Jenkins wrote:
    >>> Naturally there are political aspects to all of this. On the
    >>> mainland, as you say, the push is toward Mandarin.

    Regarding Mandarin the outstanding matter would seem to be the
    encoding of as yet unencoded proper nouns ( names of people and places
    in modern use, required for ID cards, Bank Accounts, Electricity bills
    etc). Once these are done I'm sure more attention will be given to
    other things.

    The emphasis on the using of standard Mandarin well still present, in
    the mainland there is also a gradual realisation that in some
    situations there is a need to use other characters, and that with the
    ever increase use of computers that these should be encoded. At
    present such publications are produced by ad hoc methods, which whilst
    suffcient for printing, are not suitable for digital storage as text,

    John Knightley

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