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Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 17:39:00 CST

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    There's no definitive list associating scripts with languages (because most languages could be written with most scripts, and this actually happens when people are transliterating foreign languages);
    However there are some (partial) information in CLDR:
    * language->scripts
    * script->languages
    Note that this is a N-to-N relation, which only includes the standardized orthographies, and even lots of standard languages are missing the most basic information about the wellknown scripts they are written with.

    Just some example:
    * language "br" (Breton)->script "Latn" (Latin) is missing, despite it is the only standardized script for the language.
    * many indic scripts are not associated with the most language using it
    These concerns modern languages with millions of speakers and abundant litterature, which is easy to find using ISBN or ISSN searches!

    This suggests that the CLDR should take more sources as the default, notably the ISBN and ISSN databases (which have this information encoded with the MARC system or with their own system).

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      How can I find out which language a script code belongs to? For example, The script code "Hans" has a description of "Han (Simplified variant)". How can I tell this script is part of the "Chinese" language?

      Has any of you done any manual work to map the Script code to the Language code?

      - Florence


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