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Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 19:59:28 CST

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    Note that regarding the French translation, the title should not include a capital letter here:
    - Qu'est-ce Qu'Unicode ?
    +Qu'est-ce qu'Unicode ?
    (the titlecase capitalisation of every word is really not prefered in French, and at least not on a conjunction word).

    Also I would suggest replacing every vertical apostrophe-quote by an oblique apostrophe (high comma, which should show as a wedge glyph in sans-serif fonts, or as a 9-shaped glyph in serif fonts), as recommanded in the most common French typographic references (and implemented for example in the autocorrector of common word processors like MS Office or Open Office with the French locale).

    This page should be a good example showing the recommanded typography and orthography.

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    A new translation of "What is Unicode?" has been added recently to our page:

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