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From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 13:37:39 CST

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    On 3 Feb 2007, at 17:52, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >> Aren't you lead stray by the poor renderings usually given to U+0027?
    >> As it is semantically an apostrophe, it should be used when an
    >> apostrophe is called for; not U+2019, as it should be used in
    >> quotations. But U+0027 should be given, better, apostrophe looking
    >> renderings. If this task, getting better fonts, seems hopeless,
    >> perhaps a new apostrophe character should be added.
    > No. U+0027 needs to remain neutral, i.e. vertical, due to its weak
    > definition as it is used both for opening and closing quotes, or as
    > apostrophes, or as substitutes for various characters or even
    > sometimes to replace various diacritics.
    > The rendering is not wrong in the Unicode page, and not even in the
    > fonts used to render it. What is criticized here is the use of the
    > weak vertical apostrophe-quote from ASCII ; all typographers for
    > French at least recommand using the oriented 9-shaped apostrophe or
    > a high-comma. But definitely not the vertical quote from ASCII
    > which is just a default substitute to be used in reduced character
    > sets (we are on the Unicode website, it should use the Unicode
    > repertoire, without being constrainted into the reduced ASCII set,
    > because no default substitute is necessary here).
    > Note that the apostrophe in French is NOT a punctuation; it is
    > orthographic, and it has its own linguistic semantic. It's more
    > like a modifier letter.

    See my other post. If U+0027 is a multipurpose character, and the
    only alternative is to fake it with U+2019, then probably a new
    character should be added: a proper linguistic apostrophe.

       Hans Åberg

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