Re: Query for Validity of Thai Sequence

From: Lokesh Joshi (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 03:34:27 CST

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    If i compare that with hindi where u keep on typing vowels or any dependent
    characters, one shld place a dotted circle blow that, that will make
    possible to insert some consonant before that. This is somewhat common to
    indic languages which is more complex than thai, is amy assumption incorrect

    On 2/16/07, Richard Wordingham <> wrote:
    > Lokesh Joshi wrote on Friday, February 16, 2007 8:52 AM
    > Subject: Re: Query for Validity of Thai Sequence
    > >I see a very stange way vista works with illegal THAI, keeps on collating
    > > the dependents one over another...
    > It's displaying exactly what you typed in, and in such a way that you can
    > see what you typed in. What's strange about that?
    > Incidentally, how is Vista supposed to know you're typing in Thai, and not
    > Bru or Chong or even your own invented language? What if you chose to
    > transliterate Khmer robat to Thai as double thanthakhat? (That's not
    > totally crazy - Cambodians have a tendency to confuse robat and their own
    > equivalent of thanthakhat.)
    > Richard.

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