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Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 10:48:25 CST

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    Lokesh Joshi wrote:

    > If i compare that with hindi where u keep on typing vowels or any
    > dependent characters, one shld place a dotted circle blow that, that
    > will make possible to insert some consonant before that. This is
    > somewhat common to indic languages which is more complex than thai, is
    > amy assumption incorrect ?

    Referring back to my earlier point about the *general rules of a script*, I would say that
    there is not a parallel between applying a dependent vowel sign to another dependent vowel
    sign in Devanagari, which is contrary to the general rules of the script, and applying a
    secondary mark such as thanthakhat to a particular vowel sign in Thai, which we know is
    not contrary to the general rules of the script -- even if it is contrary to the
    particular orthography of the Thai language -- because thanthakhat is regularly applied to
    some other vowel marks.

    In the case of Devanagari, dependent vowel signs belong to a class of characters that
    cannot be applied to each other.

    In the case of Thai, thanthakhat belongs to a class of characters that can be applied to a
    vowel. To say that it can be applied to some vowels but not to others is a linguistic and
    orthographic rule pertaining to the writing of a particular language, not a rule of the

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