Re: BOCU-1 spec

From: Mike (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 13:03:47 CST

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    >> I see that UTS 40 (BOCU-1) was removed from the website.
    >> I checked UTN 6 and found that it does not contain enough
    >> information to implement the algorithm. Is there a plan
    >> to update UTN 6 with the detail formerly found in UTS 40?
    > Not yet.
    > How urgently do you need it?
    > Do you still have a local copy of the former UTS 40 text?
    > If not, would it suffice for you (for now) to receive such a copy?

    I never saved the page to disk. It would be great if you could
    send me a copy. Thanks.

    > Out of curiosity: Would you mind sharing what is the intended use of
    > your BOCU-1 implementation?

    I'm developing a C++ class library and it contains a Unicode-
    aware String class. Bocu1Encode and Bocu1Decode are two of
    its methods.


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