tally marks

From: William J Poser (wjposer@ldc.upenn.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 - 22:05:20 CST

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    My own interest in using tally marks is in the
    context of discussing the history of numerical
    notation, a presumably rare, meta-level use.
    However, they do have other uses. Some elementary
    statistics textbooks of the more applied sort
    use tally marks when illustrating procedures
    for tabulating data, e.g. Bancroft, H. (1962)
    Introduction to Biostatistics. New York: Hoeber-Harper,
    p. 8.

    A more common use is in presentations of lesson plans
    and classroom activities for children learning arithmetic,
    which appear to be quite common on the web. A search
    for "tally marks" turns up many examples.


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