Unihan/CJK Radical bone character slightly mirrored?

From: Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven (asmodai@in-nomine.org)
Date: Sun Mar 11 2007 - 08:01:20 CST

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    I am currently working on a Dutch <> Japanese dictionary online project and as
    such I study a lot of kanji/hanzi in-depth.

    One thing has me wondering. In my New Nelson, Learner's Kanji Dictionary,
    Kanji & Kana, my Canon G55 Wordtank and various other references I have
    (print version of a Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist terms and such) and various
    fonts I have show the kanji for bone to have the top part have the corner
    squared off on the right side and not the left side as code points 0x2ee3 [1]
    and 0x9aa8 [2]. The KangXi radical code point 0x2fbb [3] has it displayed

    All the references I have show the bone radical printed with the corner
    squared off on the right. I cannot find any references for the kanji with the
    left corner squared off.

    Are 0x2ee3 and 0x9aa8 in fact correct and is it an older design that got
    switched to the right corner? Or did something get mirrored with the
    top part in the design by accident?

    I guess 9aa9 - 9ad7 would be old words then as well, since none of my current
    reference works shows anything about them.

    It is more strange given that all reference works that show bone with the
    corner on the right side cite 0x9aa8 as the unicode code point, which at least
    in 5.0 has the corner on the left side. So it would at least be a variant
    glyph of the current more normal format with the corner on the right side, no?

    So if anyone more wise in CJK-lore could speak up about this it would be
    appreciated to order my confusion.

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