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Date: Sun Mar 18 2007 - 17:20:43 CST

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    Apologies in advance, because I'm sure this is not the appropriate place to ask my question. But having asked in several other places, and not having gotten any response there, I'm reduced to trying here.
    I'm trying to make a Java app use the Vrinda Truetype font for the Bengali range in Unicode (but not for other Unicode ranges). The authors of the application (XMLmind) suggest modifying the file in the Java lib directory. I've done that, but it has no apparent effect. I'm trying to narrow down the reason why it isn't working (the app doesn't pay attention to this file, I'm modifying the file wrong, etc.).
    Does anyone have any experience with getting Java to do this sort of thing? Since I'm guessing this question is not of general interest to this list, I'll suggest an off-line reply to me at maxwell at casl dot umd dot edu <> . (Of course, I'd be delighted to summarize to this list if I'm wrong and others are actually interested in the answer to this question.)
       Mike Maxwell
       CASL/ U MD

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