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From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 06:21:51 CST

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    If you find out how, I'd certainly be interested to learn how to get a
    complex script like Bengali working in Java.

    many thanks

    - Chris

    Michael Maxwell wrote:
    > Apologies in advance, because I'm sure this is not the appropriate place
    > to ask my question. But having asked in several other places, and not
    > having gotten any response there, I'm reduced to trying here.
    > I'm trying to make a Java app use the Vrinda Truetype font for the
    > Bengali range in Unicode (but not for other Unicode ranges). The
    > authors of the application (XMLmind) suggest modifying the
    > file in the Java lib directory. I've done that,
    > but it has no apparent effect. I'm trying to narrow down the reason why
    > it isn't working (the app doesn't pay attention to this file, I'm
    > modifying the file wrong, etc.).
    > Does anyone have any experience with getting Java to do this sort of
    > thing? Since I'm guessing this question is not of general interest to
    > this list, I'll suggest an off-line reply to me at maxwell at casl dot
    > umd dot edu <>. (Of course, I'd be
    > delighted to summarize to this list if I'm wrong and others are actually
    > interested in the answer to this question.)
    > Mike Maxwell
    > CASL/ U MD

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