Re: Older versions of code charts online?

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2007 - 16:08:29 CST

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    On 3/22/2007 10:15 AM, Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
    > -On [20070322 17:35], Andreas Prilop ( wrote:
    >> Are older versions (1.0 to 4.1) of the PDF code charts
    >> available online?
    > has a menu on the left-hand side of
    > the screen for 3.1 - 5.0.
    There are no online versions for code charts older than 3.1. The
    earliest code charts where printed directly to paper - the 3.0 code
    charts were the first to use PDF, but the idea of versioning them came
    later. The code charts for 3.1 through 5.0 that are cited in these links
    are subsets, containing only those charts with *new* characters added as
    of that version (in that sense they are the "New in 3.1", etc. code charts).

    As of Unicode 4.1, the need arose to create code charts that represent a
    complete archive of a given version of Unicode. From that version on
    forward, you can find them in a single file, as in

    If you are trying to find out when a character was added, the best
    method is to use is the file

    which is a file list all additions sorted by version. The version of the
    file at this link is the one that's updated every time a new version
    comes out. Great to bookmark that one.

    If you know when a character was added, you can track its *original*
    glyph via the links that Jeroen gives - always presuming that it's been
    added with 3.1 or later. (You need the hardcopy books for earlier versions).

    The only way to track all changes in glyph for in-between versions is to
    use the versions of the CodeCharts.pdf file. That is only available for
    versions from 4.1.0 forward. Therefore, you'll need the hardcopy books
    for most characters.


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