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Date: Thu Mar 29 2007 - 09:34:19 CST

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    Questions about U+0610 and U+0671

    U+0671 "Alef wasla" has the note "Koranic Arabic" in versions 4 and 5.
    In Unicode 3, it had the note "Arabic". Why was this note changed?
    "Alif with wasla" is not specific to the Koran,
    but may appear in any vocalized Arabic text.

    What is the decomposition of U+0671 "alif with wasla"?
    It seems to me that U+0671 = U+0627 U+0610 .
    Is this correct? Or is there any other combining mark "wasla"?

    What does the note "may God's peace and blessing be upon him"
    under U+0610 mean? Should this mark be used as "wasla"?

    Clarification please!

    Reference: rule 9

    ("Wasla" may also be written as "" or "was.lah".)

    In memoriam Alan J. Flavell

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