Re: Cipher notation for music

Date: Mon Apr 02 2007 - 08:46:53 CST

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    One would think so however, a rough list, defintely not complete, in
    no particular order would be:-

      (1) slurs

      (2) ties

      (3) (i)the numbers from 1 to 7

      (3) (ii)with either none, one or two (and I suppose in theory three)
    lines underneath

      (3) (iii) with possiblely a dot either above or below ( and if below
    it needs to be below the lines ).


    Quoting Jon Hanna <>:

    > wrote:
    >> Dear all,
    >> does anyone know if the cipher notation,
    >> <>
    >> for music has been encoded in unicode or not, and if so what input
    >> methods exist.
    > Hi. I thought that cipher notation used characters already in existence
    > (numbers and common combining marks). Is this not the case?

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