Livre tournois (historical currency) symbol

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Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 15:38:23 CST

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    Hello from a first-time contributor.

    I'm involved in preparing a digital edition of The Papers of Thomas
    Jefferson, published in its print version by Princeton University Press.
    This edition uses a special character for the "livre tournois" symbol.
    The livre tournois was in use for several centuries, until the end of
    the 18th century:

    Here is a page scan of the abbreviations table from PTJ showing the

    and a larger rescaled version of the symbol:

    This is a request for feedback on whether it is worth submitting a
    formal proposal for inclusion of this symbol; I can't find any record of
    it having been discussed before. For historical currency symbols, what
    sort of documentation would be considered the most helpful? A list of
    modern publications where the symbol occurs? Supporting documentation
    from one or more historians specializing in French history or the
    history of European currencies?


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