Re: Livre tournois (historical currency) symbol

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Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 16:52:46 CST

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    > Here is a page scan of the abbreviations table from PTJ showing the
    > symbol:
    > and a larger rescaled version of the symbol:
    > This is a request for feedback on whether it is worth submitting a
    > formal proposal for inclusion of this symbol;


    > I can't find any record of
    > it having been discussed before.

    I don't recall it coming up for discussion on this list or in
    the UTC, either.

    > For historical currency symbols, what
    > sort of documentation would be considered the most helpful? A list of
    > modern publications where the symbol occurs? Supporting documentation
    > from one or more historians specializing in French history or the
    > history of European currencies?

    All of the above. For recently added historical currency signs
    such as U+203B AUSTRAL SIGN, scans of old Argentinian stamps
    using the sign proved useful, for example. For the livre tournois,
    we are talking times too early for that, but either contemporary
    or modern citations of the symbol would be helpful. I didn't
    spot any obvious usage on the actual coins:

    But without an expert transcribing what is on those coins, it is
    hard to tell exactly what I'm seeing there.

    The symbol itself is in origin presumably just a ligation of "l" and "t" --
    in which case some consideration of the issue of generic
    ligatures and demonstration that this isn't simply a
    ligature en passant -- but is, instead, an entity created
    and used in its own right -- would be useful.


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