Re: How is the glottal stop used in some languages?

From: Arne Goetje (
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 17:51:08 CDT

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    Andrew Lipscomb wrote:
    > Hawaiian uses U+02BB for its glottal stop (ʻokina). The Hawaiian
    > keyboard layout in Mac OS X assigns this character to the
    > apostrophe key (a U+0027 is found on option-apostrophe; it mostly
    > follows the US layout for the rest of the keyboard, except that
    > option-vowel or option-shift-vowel produces that vowel with
    > macron).

    OK, thanks. :)

    How does the keyboard layout on normal PCs look like?
    Do users occasionally confuse the keyboard layouts, so that they type
    U+02BB instead of U+0027 in English texts or vice versa in Hawaiian texts?

    I think Hawaiian is a good example here, because it is related with the
    Formosan languages.

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