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From: Jukka K. Korpela (
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 05:07:27 CDT

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    On Mon, 14 May 2007, Samuel Thibault wrote:

    > I'm currently writing a braille table for the phonetic alphabet, and
    > there are a few phonetic characters that I haven't been able to find in
    > Unicode, namely arabic KHA, CHAN and english A in about.

    I'm not sure I understand what you are doing. The list contains just a
    relatively small subset of IPA characters. But are you using IPA?
    "Phonetic alphabet" is a vague expressions, though in international
    contexts it normally means IPA. And I cannot see why many of the phonetic
    characters would be "useless in braille".

    Anyway, Arabic KHAH (KHA', KHA), U+062E is normally described as having
    the phonetic value denoted in IPA by [x] (i.e., the small Latin letter x),
    and the "a" in English "about" is SCHWA in IPA, i.e. U+0259. I have no
    idea of what you might mean by CHAN as an Arabic letter or sound.

    Jukka "Yucca" Korpela,

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