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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 17:51:22 CDT

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    > But what about the thing
    > in the shape of a soaring gull? In the old discussion it is called small
    > gamma, although it is not, as is clearly seen in Rosenne s <.../HebKey.htm>.

    That "small gamma" is the IBM CRDA:

    SS980000 Word Separator

    In the official IBM specification, the glyph shape for that is actually
    using a gamma, and it is stated that it "resembles GG01", i.e.:

    GG010000 Gamma Small [the actual Greek letter in the IBM CRDA]

    In talking about it, you'd probably be best off simply using the
    Greek letter, which would be available for most browsers on most

    But if you are concerned about alternative glyph shapes, as shown
    in Jony's Hebrew punchcard example, then you could again make use
    of an existing encoded mathematical symbol in Unicode:


    > I forgot about the lozenge (not a mark for a control), which, I guess, is
    > SQUARE LOZENGE, 2311, although too small.

    Yes, that one is IBM CRDA:

    SM490000 Lozenge

    and is equivalent to Unicode:


    The glyph printed in the Unicode Standard has been unaccountably
    small for that character for some time now. It was correctly
    sized in Unicode 1.0.


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