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Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 15:48:49 CDT

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    >>>> 20070522 11:44 -0700, Kenneth Whistler >>>>
    What you are talking about are identified in the IBM Character
    Data Representation Architecture as the following GCID's:

    Thank you. I actually have "Principles of Operation for the 7090", but the
    marks are not paired with their uses.

    The blank is the thing, both shape and name, as for the rest, I want the
    shape more than the name, if the webbrowser has it. Else I make sumthing
    up (to wit, <s>b</s>, but the rest are harder). But what about the thing
    in the shape of a soaring gull? In the old discussion it is called small
    gamma, although it is not, as is clearly seen in Rosenne s <.../HebKey.htm>.

    I forgot about the lozenge (not a mark for a control), which, I guess, is
    SQUARE LOZENGE, 2311, although too small.

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