Geographical language data

From: Eric Muller (
Date: Sun May 27 2007 - 13:25:59 CDT

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    I just noticed two products from Global Mapping International: the
    Seamless Digital Chart of the World Base Map
    (<>), and the World Language Mapping
    System (<>). If I understand correctly,
    the later is essentially a GIS form of the Ethnologue data, and is used
    to produce the maps in the printed edition of The Ethnologue. I am
    impressed by the ability to create maps such as those at

    I am wondering if anybody has experience with those products, and what
    kind of setup you use.

    The kind of application I am interested in is to take data like "Numbers
    from 1 to 10 in Over 5000 Languages"
    <> or CLDR data and put them on
    maps. I am interested by both static maps and interactive maps (most
    likely using Flash technology).


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