Re: num of Ideographs U+????? = D?????

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Mon May 28 2007 - 16:23:57 CDT

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    If you have data to add to the Unihan database, the best way to
    proceed is:

    1) Generate your data as a single, plain-text, UTF-8 data file
    formatted the way the Unihan.txt file is formatted. In this case, the
    lines would be something like:

    U+20000 kMorohashi 00004

    (Of course, we can handle data in other formats, but the fewer things
    we have to do to munge the data, the smaller the chances that we'll
    screw everything up.)

    2) Please wait until your data is completely stable before submitting
    it. Sending in a data file and then piecemeal corrections one at a
    time really doesn't help anything.

    3) When you send in your data file, let us know where the data came
    from. The data should be in the public domain or covered by a license
    consistent with the rest of the Unihan database. In particular, this
    means that we can't accept data from GPL sources.

    4) When everything is ready, send the data to me, <>.

    John H. Jenkins

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