Combining Overstruck diacritics

From: Arne Götje (高盛華) (
Date: Tue May 29 2007 - 08:00:52 CDT

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    Hi list,

    what's the Unicode policy for the Combining Overstruck diacritics,
    especially U+0335 and U+0336?
    Is it appropriate to use
    in an alphabet or should the precomposed ones (U+0268, U+0197, U+019A,
    U+023D, U+0289, U+0244) be used instead?

    Same applies to the LINE BELOW (U+0331 or U+0332?)
    Should <d><D><l><L><r><R><t><T> with line below used as combined
    diacritics, or as precomposed codepoints?

    I'm asking, because I need to use <d><D><t><T> with <U+0301> anyways to
    get the desired glyph... so, should I use all glyphs with combining
    diacritics or those which are already defined as precomposed?

    The alphabets I'm talking about are not standardized yet... so, we are
    finding a way to standardize them.

    Any input on this issue is appreciated.

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