Devanagari composing help needed

From: Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2007 - 17:28:48 CDT

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    An acquaintance of mine received some Hindi text that was translated. The
    translator was apparently someone who had never heard of Unicode since the
    font he/she used is Kurti Dev 010 (krdv010.ttf -, which is a font that's mapped to
    the ASCII range for Devanagari.

    So I set out using BabelPad to construct a proper UTF-8 string for my
    acquaintance. I have everything switched over, except for 2 characters that
    kind of confuse me.

    The font maps the first to:


    Which I traced to:

    " = 0937 (ssa) 094d (virama)
    V = 091f (tta)
    ~ = 094d (virama)
    z = is a mystery to me, it looks like small slash cutting half-way through the
        curve of tta
    h = 0940 (ii)

    I tried to construct this as 0937 + 094d + 091f + 094d + ZWJ + 0940 and within
    BabelPad this looks good. Firefox, however, doesn't like it. Neither does
    Opera. Internet Explorer, however, shows it as I expected it. Am I composing
    this correctly? And what could that 'slash'-like glyph be? I cannot find any
    decent mapping of it.

    The second maps to:


    Which I traced to:

    K = no idea, it looks like 0907 (i), but without the connecting part to the
        top line, but instead connecting to the right to a 093e (aa)
    k = 093e (aa)

    Any ideas are very welcome. :)

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