Re: How to write Tel Aviv Yafo?

From: Andreas Prilop (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 03:50:58 CDT

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    Is top-posting a nuisance?

    Jonathan Rosenne wrote:

    > The answer is yes.

    To which question?

    > See:

    I do not trust Wikipedia. In English-language pages, I find
    ASCII quotation marks instead of proper quotation marks ().
    In German-language pages, I find acute accents () instead
    of apostrophes ().

    In this specific Wikipedia page, I find "Tel Aviv" sometimes
    written with space and sometimes with maqaf.

    > The first is normally either space or Maqaf. Most compounds
    > which use Maqaf in the Bible are written today with space.

    Which book of the Bible mentions Tel Aviv?

    > The second is a hyphen.

    Can the hyphen (U+002D or U+2010) be used with the Hebrew script?
    Which function has the hyphen in the Hebrew script?

    > In English I would use space and hyphen.

    It bothers me that a space separates and a hyphen joins.
    So "Tel Aviv-Yafo" looks more like a combination of "Tel"
    and "Aviv-Yafo". Is an en-dash better?


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