RE: How to write Tel Aviv Yafo?

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 15:10:35 CDT

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    > Is top-posting a nuisance?
    > Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
    > > The answer is yes.
    > To which question?
    > > See:
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    > I do not trust Wikipedia. In English-language pages, I find
    > ASCII quotation marks instead of proper quotation marks ().
    > In German-language pages, I find acute accents () instead of
    > apostrophes ().

    I did say "In particular, look at the images - they were drawn by people who
    know the difference between a Maqaf and a hyphen."

    > In this specific Wikipedia page, I find "Tel Aviv" sometimes
    > written with space and sometimes with maqaf.
    > > The first is normally either space or Maqaf. Most compounds
    > which use
    > > Maqaf in the Bible are written today with space.
    > Which book of the Bible mentions Tel Aviv?

    Maqaf is in general use in Biblical Hebrew instead of a space to mark two
    distinct words for joint pronunciation. It is rarely used in modern Hebrew.

    > > The second is a hyphen.
    > Can the hyphen (U+002D or U+2010) be used with the Hebrew
    > script? Which function has the hyphen in the Hebrew script?

    The function here is to join two distinct and separate entities, as in
    double barreled surnames. The first consists of two words, the second one

    > > In English I would use space and hyphen.
    > It bothers me that a space separates and a hyphen joins.
    > So "Tel Aviv-Yafo" looks more like a combination of "Tel"
    > and "Aviv-Yafo". Is an en-dash better?

    You could use en-dash. I understand that there is no general agreement in
    English whether hyphen or en-dash should be used in similar situations.

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    Regarding : "mazel" should be "mazal".



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