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Date: Sat Jun 16 2007 - 17:17:33 CDT

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    Samuel Thibault wrote:

    > On ,
    > Microsoft says "For the fallback mechanism to work properly, an OTL font
    > should contain a glyph for the dotted circle (U+25CC). In case this
    > glyph is missing from the font, the invalid signs will be displayed on
    > the missing glyph shape (white box)."

    > Is this true? (so that it is actually a font issue, not a font engine
    > issue).

    Yes, it seems to be a font bug. The Kedage fonts do contain a dotted circle glyph, but it
    is unmapped in the cmap table, i.e. it is not encoded as U+25CC. The glyph is also
    erroneously called 'Ydieresis', which means that it cannot even be mapped to the correct
    Unicode character by applications that parse glyph names.

    So far as I can tell, all of the glyphs in the font outside of the Kannada block and a few
    common punctuation and numeral characters are unencoded and erroneously named. The lack of
    encoding is fine for ligatures and other variant glyphs, but in addition to the dotted
    circle there are a number of other glyphs that really should be encoded: ZWNJ, ZWJ, dandas.

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