Re: hexatridecimal internationalisation

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2007 - 00:52:28 CDT

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    On 6/19/2007 7:00 PM, JFC Morfin wrote:
    > For every alphabet with more than 26 characters - which to chose
    > For those with less, is there an existing or possible solution already
    > devised in other cases?
    Probably neither an established choice, nor existing solutions.

    But that's the answer you don't seem to want to hear from anyone.

    For Arabic, you can find information on the web (search for Arabic math
    and Unicode and you'll likely get some useful link about math use) You
    will see that there are some special issues in using arabic letters in
    math - not to mention that your mixed letter/digit expressions will not
    layout correctly in bidi unless you take special steps beyond pure plain

    Users of many other scripts doing (higher) mathematics, probably use
    Latin letters. Couldn't imagine Japanese mathematicians using kana
    (whether iro-ha or a-u-i-e-o order).

    In any case, no good asking the character coding community, you need to
    talk to mathematicians everywhere (and they better be ones that are
    active in the correct sub-discipline).



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