RE: SQL version of the Unicode database?

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Date: Sat Jul 07 2007 - 00:37:30 CDT

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    > > some SQL databases support a LOAD command that allows you to open
    > > CSV files directly:
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    > That's not sufficient. For instance, if you want the categories' names
    > ("category values") in the database, you need to joint with other
    > files.

    It is sufficient to load a table ! All database engines have such a tool to
    load a table in a batch (or to use a delimited tabular text file directly),
    but they all need you provide a formal description of its format using some
    engine-specific syntax (or command line).

    Creating a relational database supposes that you create multiple tables, and
    each one will need to be loaded.

    Unicode does not provide a SQL script to create the database schema, because
    it would be engine-specific (mostly because of datatypes, but also because
    od the syntax for relations, referencial constraints, and unique keys); and
    the data-load SQL commands or tools are also engine-specific. All fields are
    documented however to allow you creating such database the way you want.

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