RE: that font-letter spacing problem - MS Word issue?

From: Michael Maxwell (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2007 - 14:13:10 CDT

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    > > When Word 2003 converts .doc files from Word 98 containing Georgian
    > > characters in typeface=Arial Unicode MS, right-hand space is added to
    > > each character. The fix is to select all the required data and insert
    > > it into a new word document. (No conversion!)
    > This is strange.

    I've seen this sort of thing happen in WordXP or RTF documents when the file contains a font (such as Doulos SIL) that is not present on the computer in which the file is opened. Word substitutes a character from a different font (usually Arial Unicode MS), and the character in question either comes out much larger, or with a wide "space" after it. ("Space" in quotes because there is not an actual space (0x20) char there, just the appearance of space on the screen and in print.) I don't know what happens when documents from other versions of Word are opened.

    But the above description seems odd--AFAIK, Arial Unicode MS was not introduced until well after Word98, so how does a Word98 file come to have Georgian chars in that font?

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