Re: that font-letter spacing problem - MS Word issue?

From: Aiet Kolkhi (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2007 - 13:34:44 CDT

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    On 7/10/07, John H. Jenkins wrote:

    > For the record, Apple has made no public statements regarding Georgian support in
    > Leopard. Leopard may or may not ship with a font supporting Georgian. The
    > presence (or lack thereof) of a Georgian font in any pre-release version of Leopard is
    > privileged information for people under NDA with Apple only, and should not, in any
    > event, be taken as a commitment on Apple's part to any course of action.

    Thank you for the information.

    I do not stand in NDA with Apple and the information I wrote about
    possible Georgian typeface support on upcoming OS X release was based
    on the information speculating among Georgian users.

    I am sorry to hear this may not be true.

    I do hope OS X will improve Georgian language support though in terms
    of adding Georgian keyboard layouts and typeface, as OS X is the only
    major operating system not supporting Georgian.

    On 7/10/07, Russ Stygall <> wrote:

    > When Word 2003 converts .doc files from Word 98 containing Georgian
    > characters in typeface=Arial Unicode MS, right-hand space is added to each
    > character. The fix is to select all the required data and insert it into a
    > new word document. (No conversion!)

    This is strange. Have you tried changing the font of the final
    document to Sylfaen? I do think the right hand space you mention is
    due to the spacing issues with Arial Unicode MS typeface and can be
    resolved in the text is applied proper Georgian unicode typeface like
    Sylfaen or BPG Glaho.

    > The attachment is only present if you receive e-mails in plain text.

    I am afraid I was not able to receive the attachment, either because
    the mailing list software strips attachments, or due to my mail
    client. Please kindly send it directly to my mail address and I will
    take a look at it.

    Aiet Kolkhi

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