Re: that font-letter spacing problem - MS Word issue?

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2007 - 10:20:28 CDT

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    On Jul 10, 2007, at 12:31 AM, Aiet Kolkhi wrote:

    > I would advise installing the same typeface on OS X, though the
    > upcoming version of OS X, Leopard, will ship with Georgian font.

    For the record, Apple has made no public statements regarding Georgian
    support in Leopard. Leopard may or may not ship with a font
    supporting Georgian. The presence (or lack thereof) of a Georgian
    font in any pre-release version of Leopard is privileged information
    for people under NDA with Apple only, and should not, in any event, be
    taken as a commitment on Apple's part to any course of action.

    John H. Jenkins

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