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Date: Wed Jul 11 2007 - 11:11:30 CDT

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    Your opinion just confirms what I feared : it’s just notational and there’s
    no consensus about the base symbol to use : we have now at least 4 base

    * The dotted circle symbol (as in Unicode charts)
    * An x-like cross symbol ; but I won’t like the proposal of reusing
    the Latin x letter due to its metrics, graphical features and styles ;
    * A dash-like symbol (possibly an underscore-like symbol too), however
    reusing the dash may cause line breaking and word breaking issues ;
    * NBSP (and possibly SPACE, but with line breaking issues, especially
    in plain-text Emails)




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    I have just been to Laos last week and purchased the two latest
    dictionaries. I also have seen elementary school primers. These all list
    the consonants and vowels separately as Thai. In Thai, the convention is to
    use a hyphen type symbol as the base character. In Lao, it is to use an x
    type symbol.

    I do not see the point in opening up the possibilities for expanding an
    infinite number of base character possibilities. As Thai and Lao are close
    cousins, I would go for over kill and allow vowels in both languages to
    attach to either an "-" or an "x" base character.



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