RE: Hebrew generic base (was: Phetsarat font, Lao unicode)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2007 - 15:27:03 CDT

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    John Hudson wrote:
    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > > It would be even much better to use the ASCII underscore if it did not
    > > cause problems with Hebrew diacritics written below the baseline, as
    > > the underscore usually occurs below the baseline too, at the same
    > > position as underlining.
    > This is what I currently have in the font (not yet implemented by layout
    > engines), with a contextual lookup that raises the underscore to the
    > baseline when followed by any Hebrew mark.

    Another less known feature, that just shows that there's a need to document
    now the case of the isolated combining marks without an appropriate letter,
    denoted by some other symbols.

    These symbols are currently not listed exhaustively, and this does not help
    making the notations easily interoperable, as many font designers will
    forget to implement them, by ignorance of the expected needs and lack of
    interaction between those designers that have implemented something.

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