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From: John Hudson (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2007 - 13:06:01 CDT

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    Brian Wilson wrote:

    > I probably have this all wrong, but aren't there 65,536 possible characters in Unicode?

    Many more than that, thanks to various extension mechanisms.

    > Why not have a section of 48 characters for generic bases. Encode the 10 characters that John Hudson recommends. All of the generic bases would be in one section of unicode and there would be plenty of room for expansion. That saves us ignorant people from wondering, "now which 'x-like' symbol do I use for Lao again"?

    This is quite a good idea. It would enable layout engine developers to make a safe
    assumption about the reserved codepoints, so that generic base characters added to Unicode
    at a later date could be automatically supported without needing updates to the layout
    engines. And it would also remove any ambiguity as to what character codes should be used
    to encode generic bases.

    John Hudson

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